Florida Lien Search & HOA Estoppels

Florida Lien Searches and HOA Property Estoppel Certificates are our specialties as a title support company. Professional Lien Search is the most trusted source for property lien searches in Florida with over 20 years of fast, reliable service researching residential and commercial real estate. Let us search property history for additional liens on a property that may not show up on your title search.

Developed By Attorneys

Professional Lien Search was established by real estate attorneys who recognized a void in the municipal lien and permit search process. Many municipal lien searches were (and still are) disorganized, incomplete, lacking material content, and/or failed to identify problematic property issues. Such defects create significant potential legal and financial exposure for buyers of property and the title companies that represent them.

Identify Unknown Issues

Professional Lien Search was established to assist you and/or your clients to properly and thoroughly identify issues that a normal title search will not uncover, such as unpaid utilities, code enforcement issues, past due taxes, and permit problems. Identifying these issues prior to closing insures that buyers of property are not acquiring such property with unknown issues that could cause significant financial and legal exposure for them down the road.

Strong Reputation

Professional Lien Search has built a strong reputation for delivering comprehensive and detailed property search reports, all in a timely fashion. Our reports are easy to review, and most reports (and supporting documentation) are delivered to you within 48 - 72 hours of request. Our staff and technological resources are committed to providing precise results and superior service, all under the supervision of experienced real estate attorneys*.

Best Protection Possible

And to further demonstrate our commitment to insuring that you and/or your clients have the greatest degree of protection possible, Professional Lien Search, LLC is backed by $1,000,000 in Errors and Omissions coverage.

*Note that attorney supervision is only for the benefit of Professional Lien Search and does not in any way create an attorney client relationship with the customer and/or a referral source. All customers are encouraged to seek their own independent legal counsel to review all searches and supporting documentation.

Professional Lien Search offers fast, detailed property search reports. Within 48 - 72 hours you could have your comprehensive property search report, identifying any issues prior to closing on a property. So don’t delay!

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